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The anniversary upgrade of the windows top ten is possible for players across the expanses of the world. Since this is a proven update, it came with an incredible number of useful features that were not offered in the previous version or the windows build of the top ten, and the most promising of the list is black formation or black item. Although the browser by definition windows 7 and 8, in short microsoft edge, already had this option before the versatility was placed in a single scheme in windows ten anniversary update. In our company there is still no question on the problem that prohibits microsoft to increase the black mode of operation in a single scheme earlier.In fact, now the company is not afraid of the reason, because ifc has already added a black mode in windows ten through the anniversary update. Any visitor who has successfully updated to version 1607 of windows 10 will now be able to turn on the black mode.The fastest way to conclude a dark request via the edge browser (before the anniversary update)using the edge browser, open the submenu in the upper-right corner and select the moment of setting, set the “select "flag and find "black". - And these products will make the appearance of the edge dark. Now it is not necessary to make any settings or hack the registry, in order to enter the black system in windows-ten due to the anniversary update, which makes it easier to launch dark themes in a couple of steps. It is applicable to over the next version of 1903 and more.If you really want to switch to the black theme from the light theme. You will have to go through such manipulations:1. 1. Click the personalization key. 1. On the left panel, go to the bouquet options section and click on the votsap. On the right panel, scroll to the bottom, and you will be presented with the option “choose your order“. Under the mirror, users will identify the options for light and dark. The lighting mode is automatically selected. In order to switch to the black mode of operation, you should choose a black formation. When at the same time you do not come in to update your current os windows top ten to the latest version. However, you get the option to put a dark theme. To achieve this goal, you need to use the registry hacking service. Here's what you need to do:1. R "quick" buttons) and enter the regedit in the laid out space. You are also given the opportunity to immediately select regedit in the search bar, click start windows 10. After the uac monitor is displayed, click yes to continue.2. Dword (32-bit value) in the personalize folder, name it appuselighttheme and fill its functions with 0. Note: if the above registry hack does not work for users, then rename appuselighttheme to systemuseslighttheme.5. Launch the setup program. In addition, when you find that hacking the registry is not very difficult or a dark problem makes failures for the version of windows that you need. Don't worry! You also have the opportunity to apply the addition of winaero tweaker in order to launch a black theme, in windows 10. The excellent thing about this tool topic is which partner will at the same time help you to use the dark ringtone for those available add-ons that are produced with the windows operating system dozens.To achieve the goal, you need to perform such manipulations:1. Download or install the winaero tweaker.2. After the start of the application. In the figure and facial features category, you can find a variety of options.3. Under the beauty, european windows click on the dark color scheme.4. What is your idea, do not try to ask a dark question and not yet let us know whether your car likes dark themes in the reviews? I am a technology car enthusiast with ten years of functioning skills, in the field of technical troubleshooting. I play with windows, mac and android, in order to watch, because it can not move, and try to correct them. I also write technical advice related to the internet, vk and fb, and security.